Full Wedding Package - 75 guests or less

We will provide consulting services which will include contacting the vendors and scheduling your appointments, sending you reminders to keep you current on your planning task, designing a floor plan and wedding day schedule.  If desired a specialist will also be present the day of your wedding to coordinate the events of both the ceremony and or reception.

Wedding Day Package

Hired for the wedding day only to manage the events of the day and to make certain everyone is doing their job.  Your specialist will be present for the ceremony and or reception.

Celebration Package

Assist with event planning by locating the venue, contacting the appropriate vendors, assisting with design and execution of the event theme and decor.  Clients may also opt to have their specialist present the day of the event to make certain everything goes smoothly.

Consultation Package

This is a mini planning course, best take at the beginning of your planninng.  No specialist will be present the day of your event, but will teach you the skills needed to successfully plan your own event.

Customized Services and Group Retreats

In most cases we are able to offer customized services to meet your event and budget needs.




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